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Are patient measures customised to my treatment discipline?

Yes – all measures are customised to your discipline (e.g., physio, podiatry, dietetics, remedial massage, to name a few)

Where do you take measures from? Are they validated?

The measures we use are taken directly or adapted from frameworks recommended by leading organisations such as TAC & WHO

Do I have to send the form manually to patients?

No – if you are using Cliniko, surveys will automatically be sent out when an initial appointment is created for patients

How are “at-risk” factors determined for patients?

Whether a score on a measure is positive, negative or neutral is determined by measure thresholds set by the clinic 

I’m concerned the form will be a burden for patients – how long does it take to complete?

This depends on how many measures are included. On average, we see a < 5 minute completion time for baseline forms

Is this tool meant to be used for diagnosis?

No – our insights are only meant to serve as decision support and will never be able to replace in-person clinical expertise

How is patient information kept secure?

We use Microsoft’s cloud-based system to host our platform and our databases are secured with end-to-end encryption. Our data collection and usage policies adhere to the Australian Privacy Act

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