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Where do you take measures from?

The measures we use are taken directly or adapted from frameworks recommended by leading organisations such as TAC & WHO. Certain measures may have licensing requirements.

Can I add custom survey questions?

You sure can! Reach out to our team to discuss any custom requirements.

Do I have to manually send surveys to patients?

No – if you are using a patient management system that we are integrated with, surveys will automatically be sent out when an initial appointment is created for patients. Alternatively, you can manually issue surveys by entering a few pieces of patient contact information.

How are surveys sent to patients? Can I use SMS?

Surveys can be sent via Email or SMS. Emails are free. SMS (one SMS = 160 characters) cost 10c each. Survey reminders can be sent as well.

How long does it take to complete a survey?

This depends on how many questions are included. On average, we see  2 – 4 minute completion time for baseline forms.

What is the typical survey completion rate?

This depends on whether patients are given a heads-up about the survey and why it is important. Completion rates can reach as high as 80-90% if practitioners encourage patients to complete them.

How will I know if someone has completed the survey or not?

You will receive a weekly email alert summarising patient survey completions and those that require follow-up.

How are “at-risk” factors determined for patients?

Thresholds for scores on each measure are set by the clinic. This is because clinics may vary in the types of conditions that they treat.

Is this tool meant to be used for diagnosis?

No – data insights are only meant to serve as decision support and do not replace clinical expertise.

Can I export my dashboards?

We will be enabling PDF and CSV exports shortly – stay tuned!

How is patient information kept secure?

We use Microsoft’s cloud-based system to host our platform and our databases are secured with end-to-end encryption. Our data collection and usage policies adhere to the Australian Privacy Act

What do I do if something isn’t working or I would like to provide feedback?

Please use the Help feature in the QuantCare platform to submit a request or email us at info(at)

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