Analytics for Innovative HealthCare Practices


Use patient-centred analytics to make data-driven decisions. Deliver value-based care, improve adherence and supercharge your clinic performance.


of patients fail to attend consecutive appointments


of patients have at least one physical, social or psychological factor affecting treatment adherence


of clinicians strongly agree that lifestyle factors impact treatment adherence, but there is no easy way to measure them

Have you ever wondered?

Which patients are at risk of low treatment adherence?

What factors (physical, social, psychological) are roadblocks to patient recovery?

How satisfied are patients with their appointments?

How is my clinic performing at improving patient outcomes?

How likely are patients to recommend my clinic to someone else?

Deliver superior quality of care and optimise adherence

Use patient-reported outcome measures to identify factors which may impact patient recovery, personalise treatment, and track progress from Day 1



Improve clinic performance and grow your practice

Use patient-reported experience measures like appointment satisfaction and KPIs from your practice management system to optimise clinic performance

How it works


Patient fills form


QuantCare analyses the data


Key insights are displayed on our platform


Patient fills form


QuantCare analyses the data


Key insights are displayed on the platform

patients positively impacted


Customised analytics and dashboard to suit your clinic


Integrate with your practice management system or use as a stand-alone


Automated patient follow-ups, alerts, status reports & more

We are Integrated with Cliniko!

We are fully integrated with Cliniko.Patient surveys can be sent automatically and results viewed directly on Cliniko. Zero manual effort!

Improve patient retention and increase customer lifetime value

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Key benefits

Clinic Owner
  • Track clinic performance
  • Increase customer lifetime value  
  • Upskill clinicians 
  • Identify practice improvement opportunities
  • Increase treatment adherence 
  • Streamline history-taking 
  • Enhance clinical competency
Research Institution
  • Evaluate effectiveness of interventions
  • Understand and track population-level trends
  • Implement evidence-based practices
  • Provide honest feedback
  • Receive personalised treatment
  • Make shared treatment decisions
  • Track recovery progress

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